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Location-based marketing – with the right mix of ingredients - NaviMumbai

Location-based marketing – with the right mix of ingredients - NaviMumbai
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Posted On: 21-February-2020 17:09 PM
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Targeting the right audience at the right place and the right time is a formula that increases the chances of conversion in any <a href="https://www.martechcube.com/marketing-automation/">marketing campaign</a>. Audience segmentation and timing of approach are already being used by marketers to target their customers, not targeting at the right place is gaining more attention. This focus has made Location-based marketing, a hot topic in the marketing space. 

You might be wondering that location-based marketing is something new in the marketing arena, but no, you are wrong if you are thinking so. <a href="https://www.martechcube.com/channel-partner-local-marketing/">Location-based marketing</a> has been here from decades and has helped marketers in targeting the audience on the basis of their location. You can say that it was not recognized till now, but thanks to the rise of mobile phones and advancing technologies, location-based marketing has received its identity and are back with more easier and effective potential to empower marketing professionals. 

Location-based marketing is a method of marketing that changes depending on the location of the potential client. Rather than treating customers as a uniform essence, location-based marketing adapts to the specific cultural, social, and personal characteristics of the audience by predicting about their habits and preferences on the basis of their location at a particular moment. Technological advances have enabled companies to know much more about their client’s locations so they can target their customers individually.Before we jump into details of present-day location-based marketing, I would like to start from its use in traditional marketing strategies. So, marketing campaign organizers tried to forecast their message to the people who are likely to view them. In the past, the method of marketing and advertisements adopted by marketers in the cities varied from those in rural areas. This shows that marketers were well aware of the importance of the location of their target audience. For example, you can also have a look at the advertisement banners near the airport, product or services advertised wouldn’t be around the airport but still, it is advertised there because the advertisers are well aware of the financial situation of the viewers.

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