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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer - Pune

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer - Pune
Location: Swargate, Pune View Map
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Posted On: 07-June-2019 13:20 PM



CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is capable of cutting material much faster than oxy fuel, but plasma is only capable of piercing material up to 50mm thick. Plasma is also able to cut a larger range of material and transfers much less heat into material than oxy fuel. Often plasma cutting torches and oxy fuel cutting torches are mounted on the same CNC cutting machine to give the machine a larger range of processing thicknesses, for example 3mm – 150+mm. For most work Plasma is more efficient than Oxy fuel as 90% of steel cut is less than 50mm thick and if you were to compare some suitable Plasma Cutting system to an oxy fuel system it would process 50mm mild steel more than twice as fast.
Website URL : http://www.cncmachineexport.com