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Rich dad Poor dad book Review - Mohali

Rich dad Poor dad book Review - Mohali
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Posted By: shallu paul
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Posted On: 28-August-2021 20:07 PM



Knowing the differences in the three incomes and learning the investment skills of
how to acquire the different incomes is basic education for anyone who strives to
acquire great wealth and achieve financial freedom a special kind of freedom that
only a few will ever know.


All of you were given two great gifts your mind and your time. It is up to you to
do what you please with both. With each dollar bill that enters your hand, you, and
only you, have the power to determine your destiny. Spend it foolishly, and you
choose to be poor. Spend it on liabilities, and you join the middle class. Invest
it in your mind and learn how to acquire assets, and you will be choosing wealth as
your goal and your future. The choice is yours, and only yours. Every day with
every dollar, you decide to be rich, poor, or middle class.


Choose to share this knowledge with your children, and you choose to prepare them
for the world that awaits. No one else will.


You and your children's future will be determined by the choices you make today,
not tomorrow.


I wish you great wealth and much happiness with this fabulous gift called life.


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