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Coolpad new machine to run sub-44 000 over xiaomi 4 of 43000 - Faridabad

Coolpad new machine to run sub-44 000 over xiaomi 4 of 43000 - Faridabad
Condition: New
Location: Gandhi Colony, Faridabad View Map
Posted By: cubottrad
Phone: N/A
Posted On: 14-April-2015 14:53 PM
Details: smartphone comebuy
Brand Name: Reliance
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Have Just got a run graph of Coolpad's new machine about that the aircraft score more than 4,400 in the security Bunny run tests, and we yesterday measured xiaomi 4 and it ran close to 43,000 points.

According to the informed sources, this run picture of the God Coolpad's run results — the performance of a score of more than 44,000 was unusual, but the sources also said that this product is not a god F2, it should be no doubt that it's the great God 2 generations .

Several current products of the God series are all with a new MediaTek, without exception, if this mysterious is also new MediaTek chips, then it should be octa-core 4G chip MT6595 MediaTek just released before .

According to the previous information, MT6595 will ship this month, and the first product will be available in August, perhaps it's this mysterious new machine of the god .

Here's another phone that also looks not bad ,it's <a href="http://www.cubotphone.com/coolpad-new-machine-to-run-sub-44-000-over-xiaomi-4-of-43000/">Cubot S108</a>. -http://www.cubotphone.com/coolpad-new-machine-to-run-sub-44-000-over-xiaomi-4-of-43000/