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indiasoft - Delhi

indiasoft - Delhi
Location: Delhi Cantt, Delhi View Map
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Posted On: 29-July-2022 16:38 PM




Since its inception in 2001, India Soft has become a favored gathering place for Indian technology developers and global users. With over 1000 IT and IT businesses coming to meet and engage, the expo highlights the strengths of the Indian software and tech industry.
India Soft is the most important IT show and conference summit. It serves as a worldwide launch pad for Indian IT and IT enterprises, allowing them to connect with global buyers and prospects. The 23rd edition of Indiasoft will be held in New Delhi on March 27th and 28th, 2023. With a significant number of foreign delegates, the event offers several chances to make commercial connections, distribute first-hand knowledge about the newest technologies, and assist in the development of new products.