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Home made food Delivery from Auntieskitchen.in - Delhi

Home made food Delivery from Auntieskitchen.in - Delhi
Location: Rohini, Delhi View Map
Posted By: auntieskitchen.in1
Phone: 01145579893
Posted On: 22-March-2016 17:55 PM
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Service Type: Tiffin Facility



Auntieskitchen.in - for the healthy life.The human race is evolving and so are its needs. But the one major need, which is our major concern while living anywhere is that of food. That is the one thing that cannot be compromised with. It is easy to deal with when you get homemade food but if you can’t get that, what usually happens is that you don’t easily get healthy food and you have to pay a high price for the food which eventually makes you sick. So this little thing leads to a lot of problem. But don’t fret, we at Auntieskitchen.in are here to rescue you from the situation: What is auntieskitchen.in? Auntieskitchen.in is a website which allows people in Delhi to order home cooked healthy food online and receive it at their doorstep. It also allows people who want to sell the food they've cooked at the website. Why Auntieskitchen.in? Restaurant food is delicious but it’s definitely not healthy. So for occasional eating it is good, but if you eat that everyday you’ll fall sick/fat. It will also cost you a lot to maintain that lifestyle. Auntieskitchen.in allows you to eat yummy and healthy by buying food from a person who has made that food at home with love, like they would've made it for their own family. It is also an economically viable option. Also, in this day and age everyone wants to be independent. So, if you have often been praised about your cooking skills, or you feel like you can do much more than just cooking for your family. You too, can start catering to a larger audience by selling to Auntieskitchen.in. It will enable you to earn money yourself by doing something that you love everyday. Never forget the blessings you’ll earn by the people who eat the delicious food you've prepared. From where should I order? Absolutely anywhere in Delhi. All you need is an internet connection to order the food and you will receive it at your doorstep. You get to choose from all the sellers that are in the 7 km of radius of where you are. For more information go check our website www.auntieskitchen.in and login to our facebook page <a href="http://www.facebook.com/auntieskitchen.in">www.facebook.com/auntieskitchen.in</a>

Healthy food and eating habits has gained a lot of importance in the past few years, especially since people are becoming more and more health c/onscious. And what can be healthier than a yummy meal of home cooked food. Auntie's kitchen is one such place where you can find healthy and yummy food. Healthy does not confine to just boring food. It means usage of fresh vegetables and good quality ingredients and a clean cooking environment. And its not just for people who are staying away from home, for work or education, sometimes, even your mothers should get a day off without worrying about what their little ones would eat. Its time they sleep in peace knowing that their kids are getting ghar ka khaana made with love and care. <a href="http://www.auntieskitchen.in/">www.auntieskitchen.in</a>