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Budget Beach Resorts | Villa for Rent in ECR,Chennai - Croc Villa - Chennai

Budget Beach Resorts | Villa for Rent in ECR,Chennai - Croc Villa - Chennai
Location: Adyar, Chennai View Map
Posted By: crocvilla
Phone: N/A
Posted On: 06-February-2020 13:53 PM
Ad Type: Offer
Seller Type: Individual
Furnished: Semi Furnished
Ideal For: N/A
Facilities: Parking, Fridge, TV, Security



Ideally situated on the ECR which is famous for its exquisiteness and vivacity, one can enjoy a delightful experience while being surrounded by lots of tourist spots, new-age cafes, shacks and the mushrooming of many restaurants in the vicinity.

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If you’re wondering how to plan a trip with toddlers, friends, family, team outings and everything in between, the idyllic beach setting sets the tide in favor of Croc Villa, winning all hearts.

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Our Beach House in ECR Chennai is a beautiful independent standalone property on the ECR express highway of Chennai. Our Beach House in ECR Chennai is situated in the Closed Gate Community Called Pearl Beach.It is a private and exclusive houses with swimming pool in ECR Chennai available for day and hourly rent for film shoot, Mehendi, Sangeet, birthday parties, corporate team outings

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<a href="https://www.crocvilla.in/">Croc Villa Beach Villa</a>

Website Link: <a href="https://www.crocvilla.in/">https://www.crocvilla.in/</a>

Phone Number: (+91) 91761 81333

Address:  Pearl Beach No:120, Paramankeni Village, Koovathur Way,Cheyyur Taluk,603305

Email id:  <a href="mailto:crocvilla@gmail.com">crocvilla@gmail.com</a>

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