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Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A300-ST3501 Laptop Motherboard - Chandigarh

 Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A300-ST3501 Laptop Motherboard   - Chandigarh
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Posted On: 02-January-2014 13:49 PM
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Is Motherboard Installation A Herculean Task Or All It Requires Is A Deliberate ExecutionConsider the motherboard you require, the kind of CPU you are using or whether it is compatible with the motherboard or not. We usually buy CPU and motherboard at a time. Therefore it is very important to note on few factors like if you choose a high speed motherboard, you are required to buy CPU in commensurate with your motherboard taking consideration into few factors like your budget and required space accommodation, and an upgradable one. You should take care of the fact whether extra RAM sockets are available for future use or not. You are just required to be assured if you have put an ATX motherboard into a micro ATX case or not. Motherboards are available with a technical manual with itself. You will find critical information from this manual. The next is to choose the case carefully as they are available in. You can use ATX case or if you want to replenish your PC with front mounted USB and the fire wire port, then you have to put RAM in it. You can attach with the SD RAM OR DDR SDRAM that is currently in the pc or you can buy a boat that uses  <a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-tf5205dmb011-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">Replacement for Toshiba TF5205DMB011 Laptop Motherboard</a>   <a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-tf5205dmb011-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-tf5205dmb011-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html</a>

DDR2 or else you can go for a motherboard that supports AGP and thus can keep the current video card there. Secondly, you should be sure of the fact that all the critical information about the motherboard. Try to choose your case carefully as these cases come in 6 different sizes which are slim line, desktop, minitower, tower, cube etc. Apart from removable faces option, another option is a detachable motherboard which is kept in a removable tray or plate generally called as motherboard mount.
 Now if you wish to replace the motherboard, the first thing you were to do is to remove the old one .you need to remove all the cards there. You are just requited to remove everything that might thwart either removal of the previous mother board or the installation of the new one such as hard drives or any kind of floppy drive. In this case the, you can do it in the best way by temporarily returning the screws to the mounting hole unless reinstalling the other components. Sometimes, you need to turn off the power supply enabling admittance to the motherboard. You are then requested to arrange the position of the wires for the speaker and power switch and of course the reset button if you are in need to install them again. 
<a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a305-s6898-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898 Laptop Motherboard </a>  <a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a305-s6898-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a305-s6898-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html</a>

 So, the steps to be followed one after another are as follows in a nutshell is mentioned here. First accommodate your motherboard with your case. Check carefully to see whether the holes that are in the motherboard are properly placed with hole of your case or not. After checking the proper placing of the case with the motherboard, you can screw the motherboard into the case. After preparing the case, the next step is to check the I/O shield attached to your case .you are just required to place it on to the I/O Shield and push it until it protruded a little bit .The next step is to install the CPU. Of course this process is easy but a delicate one. The first step in this procedure is to unlock the CPU socket. Normally it happens that there are a small plastic or a metal arm that are usually placed lied on the side of the CPU socket. In order to unlock it, you are just required pushing it out or else pulling it up.

 Now the only thing you need to follow the process of aligning the CPU to the socket. As different processors have their diverse pin layouts, at least one corner will comprises a diagonal section without any pins that are usually attached to it. But this particular corner may be different from the other corner. Your work will be to find the matching corner on your motherboards CPU socket and then carefully lower the CPU and fix into the socket. You are requested not to push hard. The next step is to lock the socket by lowering it down gently. By following this process you will be you will be able to lock your CPU into the motherboard. The next step is to install heat sink fan and kindly attach the power connector with the motherboard fan header nearer to the CPU. Last but not the least, you just need to mount your motherboard in the case after lining it up with the brass standoffs and the I/O plate and begin screwing. Attach power connector to the motherboard header. If you want more information, you can contact to our customer care services on our web site address and our remote support service personnel will help you to clear your question related to the fact.   <a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a300-st3501-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A300-ST3501 Laptop Motherboard </a>   <a href="http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a300-st3501-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html">http://www.nbpartlist.com/toshiba-satellite-a300-st3501-laptop-motherboard-iyuy.html</a>