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Continuous Oxygen Gas Monitoring Equipment78 - Ajmer

Continuous Oxygen Gas Monitoring Equipment78 - Ajmer
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Posted On: 29-June-2022 22:42 PM



Product Name:Continuous Oxygen Gas Monitoring Equipment

Product Description:Continuous Oxygen Gas Monitoring Equipment, Paramagnetic O2 gas analyzer, Online O2 Gas Analysis Equipment, Programmable O2 Gas Analyzer, O2 Process Monitoring Instrument.


Product Website: https://www.aiyitec.com/gas-analyzer/other-gas-analyzer/continuous-oxygen-gas-monitoring-equipment.html

Company Description: Nanjing AIYI Technologies Co., Ltd

Address: JiangsuJiangsuNanjingJiangningBuilding 13, No. 1318 Qingshuiting East Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing 211100, Jiangsu, China

Descption: Nanjing AIYI Technologies Co., Ltd. is a National High-Tech enterprise that dedicated to providing portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors, online gas analyzer and dust monitor. With many years of development, AIYI products have been widely used in hundreds of countries and regions, and it also has covered the businesses in industries of oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, Chemical, automobile, heating, municipal engineering, water treatment, fodder, and food. The product quality and professional service of AIYI Technologies have been highly regarded among our worldwide clients, and We have already been the leading in China safety industry.

Registered Capital: 20080000

EmployeeNum: 200

Nanjing AIYI Technologies Co., Ltd

Contact: Jacky Yin

Telphone: 86-25-87756351

Fax: 86-25-87756351

Email: chinagasdetector@aliyun.com

Company Website: http://www.aiyitec.com