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Finding Prom Dresses That Suit Every Body Type: A Concise Guide - Aizawl

Finding Prom Dresses That Suit Every Body Type: A Concise Guide - Aizawl
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Posted On: 11-October-2016 12:52 PM
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Prom nights are coveted by teenagers mostly. However, adults are not far behind. This is especially true for the latter who have not had the fortune of attending this once in a lifetime occasion in their adolescence. After all, it is no less than a milestone in one's life!

Who does not like the idea of wearing a chic dress to a gala event? Proms actually mark the beginning of understanding how one can create a beautiful and flattering effect with the dress that is worn. Once you make a wrong decision, the objective is marred totally. To stay safe, understand your body type and only then choose your prom dress. Take a look how:


For petite frames, there is no harm showing a little leg! It is wise to go for asymmetrical hemlines or something long and fitted. This creates the illusion of height. Floor length gowns are not a proper choice for this type of figure. However, long ruffles are a welcome change.


This is considered the ideal body shape for every inch and curve and can be highlighted wearing proper prom dresses. The best thing about having a naturally well proportioned body means there is no need to disguise any body part. Women having an hourglass body structure can carry off any prom dress with élan.


Fitted tops and full or A-line skirts are the best bets when it comes to accentuating pear shaped bodies. For those who feel comfortable with their heavier back, opting for dresses a bit more form fitting will work well.


Slim and trim figured women are an equal hit alongside the hourglass ones. The trick to getting the perfect prom dress for this figure is by drawing attention to the bust or waist line. To create this illusion of curves, prom dresses that come with a belt or the wrap ones are worthy choices.


Busty women should look for dresses offering a fuller coverage. Dresses that go well with this figure are those having gorgeous necklines or hemlines, for they attract immediate attention.


Apple shaped bodies look wonderful when dresses worn have an empire waist. These basically help them take the attention away from their middle. Aside the long gowns, short dresses work fine for women blessed with nice athletic legs.

It is not just the prom dress that can produce the look one wants to achieve. Wearing the right shoes and accessories actually complements the prom wear.

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